Best OMR Scanner Machine India and Worldwide

An OMR scanner is essential in all types of organisations, including educational, professional and government firms to read and assess OMR sheets. It is a software-supported device that provides accurate results. Originally, the OMR machine was invented to read and evaluate OMR sheets in educational institutions. Nevertheless, now it has become an essential device irrespective of the nature of the organisation to read and evaluate all types of OMR base sheets and forms.

Initially, its size was huge, and the document scanner price was very high. At the same time, with the advent of advanced technology, the size of the scanners has come down considerably and is easily accommodated at the corner of our office table or any other relevant space. An OMR scanner machine is fully automatic and works with minimal manual effort. Due to its affordable rate and usefulness, the scanner machine is a hot-selling item in the online and offline markets.

SMS IT Solutions is the leading supplier of OMR scanner software in India and abroad. We have utilized the latest technology and artificial intelligence to produce the best type of scanner machine. We use a fine technology of OMR bubbles reading algorithm so that the scanner senses the OMR sheets and scans them automatically. Generally, there are two types of OMR scanners in the market. They include:

1. Flatbed OMR Scanners: A flatbed OMR scanner is used to scan a single OMR sheet at a time. It is not an ideal type of scanner for large organisations as they require to scan a huge number of OMR sheets at a time. If we use a flatbed scanner, it consumes a lot of time and will slow down our evaluation process considerably.

2. ADF Scanner: Its expanded form is an automatic document reader scanner. It is ideal for large organisations and educational institutions such as schools, training centres, professional colleges and more. An ADF scanner can scan multiple OMR sheets at a time. It is a fully automatic machine. It reads, evaluates and uploads results automatically. Hence, it is highly useful for professional firms and educational institutions using OMR sheets and forms for various assessment processes. This is high-speed scanner price is very low and affordable for all types of organisations and individuals.

Our Products

We are the leading supplies of Fujitsu scanners. We supply a series of Fujitsu scanners and which include:

1. Fujitsu Scanner SP 1130: It is a very popular scanner machine for accurate and reliable results. Fujitsu Scanner SP 1130 is a handy machine, affordable and suitable for desktop placement. It comes with a simple and easy-to-use design. It is built with automatic OMR scanner software. These features and more make this scanner a favourite among buyers.

2. Fujitsu scanner fi 7160: It is an automatic document reader scanner designed for high-speed performance. Fujitsu scanner FI 7160 can scan all types of images, irrespective of their size and type. It is a high-speed machine suitable for large organisations and educational institutions that require to scan a large number of images at a time. This scanner is affordable and easy to use. A large number of organisations rely on Fujitsu scanner India to ensure high-speed image reading and scanning. The scanner comes with reliable feeding and scanning functions. The technology installed in this machine is very robust and reliable for long-time functions. Fujitsu fi 7160 scanner installation is very simple and hassle-free. The product comes with a warranty and warranty extension options are available.

3. Fujitsu image scanner fi 7140: It is a top OMR scanning machine in the Fujitsu FI series. It is a machine that provides reliable scanning results irrespective of the document condition. This machine can scan plastic cards and papers with any thickness. It is a fully automatic machine suitable for a long duration of the error-free function. Fujitsu image scanner fi 7140 driver downloads are easy and even people without any special software knowledge can easily handle it. This scanner machine is well-designed for fast and reliable scanning right at your table.

4. Fujitsu image scanner fi 7180: It is another Fujitsu scanner in the FI series. If you look for faster scanning performance, it is an ideal product. The device is suitable if you have a large number of images to scan and want to scan them within a few minutes. The Fujitsu image scanner fi 7180 price is affordable. Smart Ultrasonic technology is installed in this machine, and it will ensure high-speed performance for a long duration.

Being a reliable OMR scanner supplier in India and abroad, we have a huge product range. Contact our CS Team today to know more about our products and choose a scanning machine suitable for your organisation and the nature of your work and production.

1. Is it costly to buy an OMR scanning machine?

Ans: NO! The HP legal size scanner price in India is very low. It is affordable for all types of organisations, educational institutions, start-ups and freelancers. Installation of an OMR machine will improve the performance of your organisation cost-effectively.

2. Do I need special software skills to install and work with an OMR Machine?

Ans: No special skills and training are required to install OMR scanning machines. These machines come with superior OMR scanner software. It will ensure automatic installation and scanning performance.

3. What type of OMR sheets can be scanned on these scanners?

Ans: All types of OMR sheets, including plastic cards, can be scanned on an OMR scanner machine. The size and type of OMR sheets do not matter. These machines are fully automatic and have the inbuilt capacity to sense and scan any type of document.

4. Do you provide warranty and after-sales support?

Ans: Yes. All our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We supply office network scanners with an extended warranty. We also provide after-sales support. Scanning machines normally do not develop errors as they are designed for long time performance. Nevertheless, in case of any eventualities, we are committed to assisting you on time.

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